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About us
Contamination among expressive languages, design, innovation, are some of the inspiring principles of Perdutamente. An emerging brand on the rut of the best Italian design tradition. Oscar Niemayer, the great Brazilian architect said: “Life is a blow, just a minute, people come, tell a story and go away.” Perdutamente wants to tell a story where creativity can turn into reality, where design can turn into real objects. A story where common use object can be the expressive synthesis of different languages. A cultural melting pot able to enrich, even with a simple smile, the daily life. Creativity and ideas have no borders: in addition to his normal production, Perdutamente, as a design company, can provide customization of his collection, custom projects and design services.

about us
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Perdutamente Design Company

Piazza U. Merlin, 17
45100 - Rovigo - ITALY

Tel. +39 0425 190 24 61
P. Iva: 01455870293