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A plate is, by its own nature, a container and it usually contains food.

And food satisfies the senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and satisfies the stomach as well.

Yet, there is a different food, i.e. the one we might define "soul food",  reaching us through different paths, namely  those of Art, Poetry and Spirituality.

In his project TABULA CALLIOPEA, Fabio Mariotto proposes a plate containing food for the Soul through the fusion of three expressive languages like Design, Art and Literature.

By using the evocative powers typical of these contexts he tries to enrich our sense experiences.

TABULA CALLIOPEA is a sort of "open project" organized through both Fiction and  Poetry from which new collections devoted to several authors are being scheduled.


Dante Alighieri   -  La vita nova

William Shakespeare  -  Sonnets

Charles Baudelaire  -  Fleurs du mal - Tableaux parisienne

Gaio Valerio Catullo  -  Liber

Alexandr Sergeevič Puškin  -  Eugenio Onegin - Letter from Tatiana to Onegin

George Gordon Byron  -  Stanzas to Augusta

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